Evil Sorceress Costume

The California Costumes Evil Sorceress Costume is an adult women’s costume that epitomizes Halloween. This costume screams Morticia Adams. If you’re reading this post, it’s a fair conclusion that you love Halloween. Well, do you love Halloween? Then you know that the best part is really dressing up to the extreme. However, many of today’s costumes are hardly dress up worthy. Some of the costumes barely come with more than a scrap of fabric! For the true costume connoisseur this is just simply unacceptable.

California Costumes Evil Sorceress Adult Costume

Thankfully, California Costumes created one of the coolest costumes to date. If you think a cool costume couldn’t get better, get ready to be surprised. This evil sorceress costume is a classic that you can wear year after year. For the villains of the world, what’s better than getting to dress up as your favorite villain for Halloween? Absolutely nothing. This costume is ready to blow your mind and make you the sexiest evil sorceress yet!

Evil Sorceress Adult Costume
California Costumes Evil Sorceress Adult Costume

 Evil Sorceress Costume Best Features

This costume is made from 100% polyester. It feels like a velvet type material and the sleeves have a sheer drape. It comes with everything you need and while it may cover you up, it is meant to be sexy. The plunging neckline is only held together through laced up ribbon. Whoever thought sexy Halloween costumes had to be short, clearly had never tried on this costume. It’s extremely comfortable for a Halloween costume and it’s the perfect way to stay warm on a chilly Halloween night.

What’s Included

When you purchase this evil sorceress costume you get the dress, the belt, and the headpiece. It would practically be impossible to need anything else for this costume except shoes! Pair it with your favorite boots or some comfy flats.

 Evil Sorceress Costume Pros

This costume proves that you can wear something warm on Halloween night and still look sexy as can be. The dress literally looks good on every person who wears it because it hugs your curves and smooth out the areas we all may not be too fond of. The plunging neckline is daring but if you’re not a fan you can always wear an additional shirt underneath it. The costume is easy to wear around and you won’t have a problem feeling itchy or trapped.


The only con is that the packaging smushes the neckline area part of the dress. You will need to pull it out a few days ahead of time so that part has enough time to smooth back out and get into it’s regular position.

Final Verdict on the Evil Sorceress Costume

This is a great evil sorceress costume. It would also make a great maleficent costume if you wanted to transform it into something else. It is a sexy costume that looks great for a very reasonable price. The fact that it comes with everything I need is what sells me. I would not hesitate to purchase this costume again.

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