Leg Avenue Women’s 3 Piece Frisky Feline Catsuit Costume

Being a cat is a pretty basic choice for Halloween. However, being a frisky feline is not very basic. Plus, when everyone sees you in this costume they won’t care if it is a traditional costume choice. They will just be looking at how good you look! Too many costumes today leave little to the imagination. They are so short and revealing that the woman are practically wearing nothing. While this may be good for some parties, other parties require a more subtle sexiness. This frisky feline is able to provide you with that subtle sexiness that you desire. The costume is just $30.60, making it the perfect costume for your body and your wallet.

Best Features

The jumpsuit is what has it all in this costume. Made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it is tight enough that it hugs every curve on your body. But, because it has some spandex in it, it is also a pretty breathable costume. If you live in a tropical climate or somewhere humid, this costume probably isn’t the best for you. But the milder and cool climates need a costume that won’t cause them to freeze their butt off and this one will do the trick. It’s all black and comes in sizes extra small through large.

What’s Included

This frisky feline costume comes with everything you need to walk out the door and start your Halloween night. When you purchase this costume you get the jumpsuit, the tail, belt, and headband with cat ears.


This costume comes with everything for the $30 price tag. You don’t need to go to the store and scour the shelves looking for accessories. The costume fits everyone really well and hugs your curves. It is a cute costume made by Leg Avenue, which is one of the top costume companies for women’s Halloween costumes. It is also a much more unique version of a traditional costume. Paired with some face makeup, you become the perfect cat at the party. The costume is breathable but quite warm, making it perfect for us in the cooler and cold climates. The material is heavy duty so you don’t need to worry about it stretching out and wearing thin throughout the night. It is not see through.


There are really no cons except that you shouldn’t get it if you live in a warmer climate.

Final Verdict

I would definitely get this costume. It’s only $30 but comes with everything you need to make it the perfect Halloween costume! You become a sexy cat without having a super revealing costume. I would not hesitate to purchase this.

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