Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Bat Costume

Halloween is a time to be comfy and have a good outfit to become someone else. If that someone else is an animal, this cozy bat costume is the best costume yet. Halloween shouldn’t be messed up with itchy and uncomfortable costumes. Defy the odds and look sexy and cut in this cozy bat costume.

Best Features

While the best feature about the costume is clearly how comfy it is, there are also more notable features. But first, the comfy-ness. This costume seriously feels like you are wearing pajamas. It is really soft and warm and feels like a flannel material. You will have no problem sleeping in it the night of Halloween after your partying. Also, the costume comes in plus size. It is so hard to find cute, sexy, and comfortable costumes for Halloween night. It’s even harder when you are plus sized! This plus size costume looks so good it looks like it is made for just comfy women. The zipper is all black, which is important since it’s a notable feature in the front. The wings are shaped well, the furriness of the hood is spot on, and this dress can easily be paired with shorts or leggings to prevent the short dress from blowing up.

What’s Included

When you purchase this cozy bat costume you are getting the zip up bat costume dress. This is pretty much everything you need because it has the wings attached as well as the hood and ears. You don’t need to add anything else unless you want to wear leggings or shorts.


The price of this costume is very affordable. For only $28.75, you are getting a Halloween costume you can wear year round. It is seriously so comfy you won’t mind wearing it over and over again, especially on cold nights. You can snuggle up in it and fall asleep. The costume is also still sexy and cute without being too revealing. The zipper is adjustable though so if you wanted to zip it down and show off a little more, that’s totally an option. This comfy costume also looks great with whatever you pair it with. You can choose to wear solid black leggings for a really comfy look, or you can pair it with fishnets and glam it up a bit to be sexier.


The dress is pretty short. It’s honestly more like a top so you will want to wear something underneath it for sure.

Final Verdict

This is the costume of the year. It is affordable, cute, and comfy. It also comes in plus size, which is extremely hard to find! Don’t dress up like everyone else, do your body a favor and get comfy in this bat costume. Believe me, you will not regret purchasing this costume. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again in a heartbeat!

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