Leg Avenue Women’s Dirty Cop Dress

Looking for the sexiest fitted costume you can find? This fitted cop dress is the ultimate sexy Halloween costume! If Halloween is your favorite night of the year, you need a costume that will reflect that. This costume comes with everything you need and you will easily be the star of the Halloween party. If you’re entering a costume contest at a college frat party or a bar, this costume will easily win you first place! The men (and women) around you will love this sexy costume. Don’t go with the same old cheap costumes you find at the pop up Halloween shops, get this unique costume sent straight to your door. You don’t have to lift a finger more than once because you just need to click to purchase it!

Best Features

The little details on this costume are what makes it the best costume currently on the market. This dress doesn’t come with the thigh high tights that you want to wear, but the clips to go to those tights are what is really cool. The clips are handcuffs! The dress is made from 100% polyester and the cute ruffle on the bottom of the skirt is what makes it adorable. The walkie talkie and fingerless gloves are also small details that make this costume step apart from the other cop costumes in the Halloween stores.

What’s Included

This dirty cop dress costume comes with the button up dress, fingerless gloves, walkie talkie, belt, tie, and hat. Everything pictured here is what it comes with.


You don’t need anything else when you purchase this costume. It comes with everything you need and it is only $29.76. With other costumes in the stores, you have to buy all the other accessories for an extra price, but not with this one. It’s a really cute dress and the small details like the ruffle on the bottom of the dress make it really stand out. The handcuff tight clips are clever and cute and a lot of thought was put into this dress looking as much as a cop as possible while staying so cute.


The dress is short, really short. This is even more of a problem if you are tall. However, you can wear shorts underneath it but just understand before buying that you may have a problem with how short it is.

Final Verdict

For the price, this costume is great. For under $30 you are out the door with a costume. The small detailing on the costume itself really makes the costume stand out when compared to others on the market. And, the fact that it comes with all the accessories it does makes the price even more of a deal! I would not hesitate to purchase this costume. It’s cute, sexy, and unique. You’ll easily stand out against the crowd at all your Halloween parties you go to. I definitely recommend this dirty cop costume.

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