Little Red Riding Hood Costume

This Halloween, consider a Little Red Riding Hood Costume. Little Red Riding Hood was a rebel. Her mother told her not to go into the woods but she still went into the woods because she thought it would be quicker and easier for herself. She willingly disobeyed her mother. In the process, she almost got herself murdered. So… Why do we depict Little Red Riding Hood as this sweet little angel? She wasn’t! Let’s be honest, Red Riding Hood was a little naughty. She didn’t do as she was told and therefore she broke and bent the rules.

California Costumes Women’s Dark Little Red Riding Hood Adult

This dark Little Red Riding Hood Costume is what I imagine little Red was really like. Maybe a little rough around the edges, sultry, and ready to play! If you agree, it’s time to be daring and show off your Dark Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Halloween this year. Explore more options for women’s Halloween Costumes here. Lots more options are available in our warehouses and can be found here

California Costumes Dark Red Riding Hood Costume
California Costumes Dark Red Riding Hood Costume

Best Features of Dark Little Red Riding Hood Costume

A sexy take on the children classic tale, this Little Red Riding Hood costume is a Halloween costume of dreams and nightmares combined. This dress is made from 100% polyester and comes in sizes extra small to extra large. The dress is modest enough to get around town but sexy enough that people will stop and stare at you. The tight top with the low neckline will show off your best assets. The material is soft and isn’t too crinkly or itchy like a lot of Halloween costumes. Be careful, however, because you just might get chased by a big bad wolf.

What’s Included with Costume

This costume comes with it all. You are getting the one piece dress, the long flowing cloak, and a black and red hanky. You don’t get a basket, but you can find one here if necessary. If you want it, you can purchase it separately.

Pros of  California Costumes Dark Red Riding Hood Costume

This Little Red Riding Hood Costume is cute and sexy. It is a tank top dress but the cloak will keep you warm if Halloween night is chilly. The dress is well made and doesn’t wrinkle too bad. Once you get the package, the dress just needs to sit out for a little while and the wrinkles will cease. The top fits multiple cup sizes and isn’t too restrictive. The dress isn’t very tight so you can comfortably walk in it all night long without having to do that tight dress waddle.

Costume Cons

I wish the dress was a little shorter. If you are on the short side, the dress may be way too long for you without high heels. However, that can be fixed with a little alteration. Another alternative is to explore other styles of a Little Red Riding Hood Costume.

Final Verdict

I would not hesitate to purchase this. The price is reasonable for a women’s costume.  Many more options, some of which may be on the pricier side, are on display on our main website, but this costume is worth it. It’s really cute and holds up great throughout the night. I never felt like it was itchy or that I couldn’t wait to take it off. I definitely recommend it.

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