Master Chief Classic Costume, Medium (7-8)

Video games are practically the only thing young boys want to do anymore. While this may be frustrating on a normal day, on Halloween it makes your job easy. You can just look for a character from your child’s favorite video game and you are set! If your child is a fan of Halo, you need this Master Chief costume. This costume is officially licensed Halo material and your child will feel like they just walked straight out of the TV. The costume is $27.85 but it comes with everything your child will need to become Master Chief. There’s really nothing better than your child could ask for than to be their favorite character for Halloween night.

Best Features

From afar, this jumpsuit looks like it is a costume made of metal pieces like a transformer. It is actually a jumpsuit made from 100% polyester but it has some attached plastic shoulder pieces that lend to the illusion of the metal suit. The jumpsuit has a closure on the back that opens for easy access. The jumpsuit cinches at the waist to keep the jumpsuit fitting tight. The sizes go from small to extra large, which should fit kids 4-16.

What’s Included

When you get this costume you will get the jumpsuit, the shoulder pieces, and the half mask.


This costume is easy and comfy for your child to wear. It is really soft, almost like pajamas. The only uncomfortable part is the plastic shoulder pieces. The colors are fairly bright for being a printed costume and the lines are fairly sharp on it too. Sometimes printed costumes look faded or blurry but I think this one looks really good. The fact that it is Halo sponsored makes me think it’s probably a higher level of costume than other ones one that may be available. The colors are fairly bright and everything looks really good.


Like I mentioned earlier, the plastic shoulder parts are a little uncomfortable for a young child to wear. It may not be a huge problem for older kids though. Also, the mask is only on the front half of the face. I actually prefer this because your child doesn’t get as hot.

Final Verdict

I would definitely purchase this again. With a child that is obsessed with Halo, this costume is going to be popular. I know my child loved it and he wanted to sleep in it because it was so comfortable! You won’t regret purchasing this. Even if you think the price is a little steep at $27, it will be worth it when you see your child’s face light up from excitement.

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