Rasta Imposta Lightweight Penguin Costume

You know that cool person who always has the funniest Halloween costume? Maybe that person is you, or maybe you’re the furthest thing from it. Regardless, it can be you if you purchase this Rasta Imposta penguin costume! First things first, this costume is absolutely awesome. It is seriously funny but downright the comfiest costume you will ever find. And, you get it for less than $20. If you are looking to have all eyes on you for a goofy but fun loving costume, this penguin costume will be the perfect fit.

Best Features

This costume is completely unisex. It comes in a standard size and an extra large size to fit a variety of individuals. Whether you are male or female, this costume is bound to look great on you. It is completely hilarious and there won’t be a ton of people dressed the same as you.

What’s Included

Besides automatic laughs from your peers, when you purchase this penguin costume you get a penguin tunic with an attached hood and foot covers. You’ll look so much like a penguin, you may want to stay far away from the zoo!


All joking aside, this is the best costume ever. Halloween costumes that are too tight, too bulky, or beyond itchy are the absolute worst. You can spend your whole night just waiting for it to be over so you can get out of your costume. Not with this penguin costume. It’s seriously so comfy I would not be surprised if you kept it out all year long to wear when you are chilling and relaxing watching a great movie. It’s design is cute, fun, and makes it easy to wear.


The only problem with this awesome costume is sometimes the beak doesn’t hold up straight. This is an easy fix if you just put some tissue paper in it.

Final Verdict

All in all, what the heck are you waiting for? This is the best costume ever made! For under $20, you are getting an automatic costume contest win. If you don’t buy this, you will be sorry. However, once you see the undying potential of this amazing costume, I am confident you’ll go back and purchase it. This costume is great for garnering a bunch of laughs. Plus, you’ll be super comfy all night long. What more could you ask for in the perfect Halloween costume? If you really want to mix it up, you could match with your family and friends for a whole pack of penguins.

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