Riekinc Unisex Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Cosplay Costumes Kids 3D Style

Perhaps the coolest kids costume yet, this Zentai Halloween costume could easily be worn for trick or treating or cosplay. The suit stretches across every part of the body, even your toes and fingers! It’s a one piece suit that covers everything, making your child completely unrecognizable as themselves on Halloween night. Your child will love how this spandex feels like a second skin and isn’t bulky or overly heavy. The red and black is still vibrant while stretched and the design on the spandex makes it look like different parts of metal that all came together. Paired with the mask, this costume is unique, different, and very cool.

Best Features

The costume is a full body suit. It stretches because it is made of 100% spandex material. The red and black design stretches across the whole suit, unlike other costumes that only have the design on the front. This Zentai costume also comes with the mask so you are ready to go out on the streets and get some candy! It comes in multiple sizes for small and larger children.

What’s Included

When you purchase this costume you get the 100% spandex full body suit and the mask. The accessories like the belt and gun bag are available for separate purchase.


What’s great about this costume is it is very unique. There won’t be thousands of children in your neighborhood dressed in the same way. The spandex is high quality and while it does stretch, the design isn’t greatly altered so it still looks great. The price of $25.99 also makes this costume budget friendly. You don’t need to break the bank searching for a cool costume for your child. The Zentai suit covers all aspects of your child so they will truly feel like another person on Halloween night.


The spandex is a little thin so your child needs to be careful that they don’t snag the material on anything sharp or it could tear. It also doesn’t come with everything you see in the photos like the accessory and weapon belt.

Final Verdict

If your child needs a unique costume that is also easy on your wallet, you won’t find a better deal than this Zentai suit for only $25.99. Don’t be fooled at the Halloween stores trying to find a run of the mill costume, your child will love being unique and completely unrecognizable. The design is cool, it is high quality, and your child looks like a ninja. I would not hesitate to purchase this costume. It’s easily the coolest one I have seen for children.

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