Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume

The California Costumes Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume gets you ready to take the fight into the arena. That’s right, men should have fun dressing up for Halloween too. And if there’s anything us men wish we could be it’s a roman soldier. There is something so cool about roman soldiers when you watch a movie like 300. It’s incredibly to see their hand to hand combat skills with their swords and how muscular they are.

Brave Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume

Maybe we aren’t as muscular as them, but we sure wish we were. The next best thing we can do to be like these roman gladiators is to dress up as them for Halloween. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. Order this costume, and you can be a roman gladiator, too. This Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume is really cool and makes you feel like you stepped off set as an extra for a movie.

Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume
California Costumes Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume

Costume Detailing

The detailing for this costume is great and in depth . Everything is made from 100% polyester but all the materials feel completely different. The body armor is possibly the coolest part of this Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume. Thankfully, the costume’s body armor covers your stomach and makes you look like you have some muscular form. If you don’t, like most of us, no worries because this costume will make you look strong. The colors and patterning are also nice. The muted blacks and maroon with the cream colored skirt really looks like traditional roman colors.

What’s Included with Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume

This Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume comes with the tunic, body armor, cape and medallion, head piece, shoulder guard, wrist guard, leg guards, armbands, and belt. The only thing you need to buy if you choose to be a sword and a shield.

Costume Pros

There are a lot of benefits to this costume. For one, it comes in sizes small to extra large. The body armor makes you look stronger than you really are and hides any pudge you may have. All the small details and bands may seem slightly over the top but really they add in the best details to make this costume look so great. Everything fits very well and the materials feel heavy duty and strong.


The shield and sword really bring this costume to the next level. Unfortunately, the costume doesn’t come with those so that’s kind of a bummer. You can find several options for helmets, shields, and swords here.

Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume
California Costumes
Gladiator Combat Shield & Sword Costume Accessory

Final Verdict

It can be difficult to even find good men’s Halloween costumes. This one really stands apart from the crowd. It is really cool and looks great. If you want to enter into a costume contest at your parties you attend, this costume could be the costume that wins you first place. Now, I’m not promising anything, but I think you have a good chance at having the best costume there.

You definitely won’t be disappointed in this Roman Gladiator Warrior Costume. The price is very reasonable. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. Here are some other options for men’s Halloween costumes. Of course, we have tons of other options available in our warehouse. Some of them are listed in our main store.

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