Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

If you like to err on the side of spooky for Halloween but are disappointed in the selection, this fallen angel costume is spooky but also sexy. Lots of women hate it when they look ugly on Halloween. But, Halloween is also a time to be scary and spooky! Well, who said you can’t get the best of both worlds?

 California Costumes Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

This fallen angel costume made by California Costumes is the real deal and gives you both sexy and spooky. You will love looking like the hot angel of death that you are when you wear this sexy Halloween costume. Don’t be fooled by the price tag, this costume is one of the best women’s Halloween costumes I have seen. The black and grey angel costume is unique, sexy, and you won’t find anyone else dressed like you that’s for sure.

Fallen Angel Costume
Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

Best Features of Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

The best part about this costume is definitely the dress. The dress is short and sweet but the long sleeves make it look much more ethereal and dark. The jagged edges make it look like you just stepped from a nightmare of your own making. The corset details throughout the dress really ties in the whole outfit. If you pair this sexy fallen angel costume with a pair of knee high leather boots, you are set to make the world bow at your feet!

What’s Included with the Fallen Angel Costume

You are getting the whole shebang when you purchase this costume. Not only are you getting the dress, you are also getting the headband that has the black halo and you get the fallen angel wings.

Sexy Fallen Angel Costume Pros

This costume is a bargain. And you don’t need to buy anything else with it. The dress is a nice and soft material that doesn’t feel like a cheap Halloween costume. It doesn’t wrinkle so you can pretty much wear it right from the package. The sleeves droop down and give you some room and are not overly stuffy or tight. The dress is short but long enough in places that you don’t have to worry about it flying up and showing off your nether regions.


The only downside I see, which is a personal preference, is that the wings are a little small for the rest of the costume. I feel like if they were just a bit bigger it might look a little bit better. Again, that’s a personal preference and you may have no problem with the wings.

Summary and Recommendation

Buy this  costume. For the price, this costume is a steal! I’ve seen similar costumes from some Halloween stores that easily go for twice as much. Usually with angel type costumes you have to buy the wings separately but this seriously comes with everything you need. All you need to supply is your body and some shoes!

I would not hesitate to purchase this costume. It’s a great price and the costume is a really good quality for how much you are paying. Take the easy route and get the costume sent right to your door! You won’t regret it. of course, if you’re looking for other options on sexy women’s Halloween costumes, you’ll find a large sample of the abundant supply in our warehouse right here. Additional women’s Halloween costumes can also be found on this page of the blog. Little Red Riding Hood Costume

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