White Rabbit Hat

If you need a rabbit ear hat for your Halloween costume, this white rabbit hat is the perfect finishing touch. Whether you want to be a magician or the Mad Hatter, this hat looks great. It is easily transformable into many different characters and can be reused again and again. Pair this with a plain outfit and a cape, and you’re suddenly a magician! It is a budget friendly Halloween accessory and everyone will love how whimsical it looks.

white rabbit hat
Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Black Costume Top Hat

White Rabbit Hat Best Features

The white rabbit hat is a very soft velvet material. It also has tall and soft bunny ears on the front with a checkered bow that goes all the way around the brim of the hat. The hat is tall, and it stays standing without any help. It fits multiple head sizes and comes with a size adjuster for the perfect fit on your own head.

White Rabbit Black Costume Top Hat Pros

This White Rabbit Black Costume Top Hat can be used for a ton of different costumes. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you go to multiple Halloween parties, this hat can be used in a different way each night! It stands tall on its own and is easily adjustable for different head sizes. The velvet material is soft and holds up well to wear and tear. The construction of the hat is high quality and there aren’t any tears of loose stitching upon arrival.


The hat does seem to catch lint since it is a soft velvet material. This isn’t a huge deal but it can be hard to get it off without a good lint roller.

Final Verdict

For less than $20, I would not hesitate to purchase this white rabbit hat again. It can fit my head, and the older children who may want to wear it in the years to come. It is very easy to pair with a costume and is the perfect addition to an Alice in Wonderland themed costume.

A lot of tall hats have a problem where they will collapse up top, but this hat is made extremely well and doesn’t encounter this problem at all. The bow looks great and the ears are reinforced to the hat so they will not flop down like some of the cheaper hats at Halloween stores. If you want a cool accessory to your Halloween costume, this hat will definitely fit the bill. It costs less than going out to eat! I would not hesitate to purchase this hat again. You can find lots more Halloween accessories from our warehouse right here.

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