Wonder Woman Child’s Costume

The Wonder Woman Child’s Costume is on the wish list for many little girls. My daughter wanted to be a superhero for Halloween. When asked, Wonder Woman was the hero she chose. I looked at the couple of costumes I found at the Halloween stores local to me but wasn’t happy with what was available. I started looking online and found this Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child’s Costume.

After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase it. I’m glad I did! My daughter loved it and it is very cute. I am happy she chose Wonder Woman because she’s a strong role model and a great person to want to be instead of the typical princess or animal character.

Wonder Woman Child's Costume
Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child’s Costume

Best Features of Wonder Woman Child’s Costume

The colors on this outfit are so good. They are vibrant and bright and the material is thick enough that you cannot see anything through it. This is important because no one wants their daughter having a see-through costume. The dress is really well made and it’s an easy costume for the girls to walk it. The cape isn’t super long so it won’t get caught in anything or make it hard to trick or treat in. The bracelets are a fun additional item and really put the costume to the next level. The boot tops made this costume perfect because I didn’t want to have to purchase anything separately.

Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child’s Costume

When you buy this costume, you get the red Wonder Woman top, the blue and white star skirt, the gold belt, the silver bracelets, the boot sleeves, and the gold headpiece. It comes with everything your child will need to trick or treat in.


This outfit is really cute. The material is all polyester but it’s heavy duty. The skirt looks like it is made from a shiny leather material and the printed stars are a good quality. The silver bracelets are easy to slip on but may be a little big on small children. The top is comfortable and my daughter didn’t complain about any itching or problems with how anything fit.

The outfit is modest and I didn’t worry about the skirt. The skirt is long enough that I don’t see it flying up, but if you have a tall child, you may want her to wear shorts underneath .


The only con is that the top is a little tight. I wish it were a little looser for a better fit.

Final Verdict

The costume is not expensive. For thee quality you’re getting, it’s worth every penny. You will see the quality difference in this over a $15 costume. This is a costume you could easily have multiple children wear over the years and it is really cute. I would not hesitate to purchase this again for that price. You will not be disappointed and neither will your child.

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